Tiarnaí ar Séasúir


Though the nomadic tribes of Meruvor hold various animistic beliefs, they each hold the Tiarnaí ar Séasúir, or Seasonal Lords, as their highest deities.


Imbel represents spring. She is depicted as a woman in the bloom of youth covered in flowering garments. She is considered Neutral Good and her Domains are Life and Nature.

Bjorndin represents summer. He is depicted as either a large bear or a burly man covered in hair. In either depiction, he has but one eye. He is considered Chaotic Good and his Domains are War and Nature.

The Rookery King represents autumn. He is depicted as either a raven or a masked man. He is considered Chaotic Neutral and his Domains are Nature and Trickery.

Brumalis represents winter. He is depicted as a stern man clad in armor made of ice. He is considered Lawful Neutral and his Domains are Death and Nature.

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Tiarnaí ar Séasúir

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