The Toltir Rebellion

The Inciting Incident

Although the seeds of discontent had been growing for some time, the rebellion against the ruling Corendelle family of Toltir is acknowledged as beginning in earnest in 1761. During a courtly event at the villa of Governor Reginald Dristale, Prince Martain publicly slew the daughter of Duke Lisange Troicus for refusing his advances. Enraged, Troicus attempted to lay hands on the Prince, but was detained by members of the Royal Guard and would have been executed on the spot had Governor Dristale not ordered his own guards and attendants to intervene. A melee erupted during which Troicus suffered several wounds in order to finally reach Martain, whom he killed with his bare hands. Dristale, Troicus, and several sympathizers fled to Dristale’s governed city, Mountain Ridge.

The Rebellion Rises

In the following months, soldiers from Mountain Ridge and Troicus’ duchy began claiming the surrounding lands in the name of a free Toltir. Dissatisfied with the current regime, a handful of nobles followed suit. Amidst the lands that remained loyal, peasant uprisings became a regular occurrence. The most famous of these, the Night Hill Blockade of 763, resulted in the capture of Crown Prince Tamarin Corendelle and his personal guard when he was cut off from his troop column when the peasant smith, Tarbaw, caused a rockslide as the loyalist forces marched through the region.

The Fall of the Monarchy

With the capture of Tamarin, one of the most accomplished leaders of the loyalist military, the morale of the Rebellion, as well as their reputation among the common people, swelled. An influx of peasant troops yearning for new leadership bolstered the Rebellion’s forces enough that the now-recovered Duke Troicus commanded a siege of the capital. Facing a hostile army without and an unruly peasant population within, several of the Royal Family fled the country. Those that remained attempted to retain control of the capital, but were eventually pushed into the castle, which managed to hold out only a few months before being overrun. In the Summer of 1764, the remaining Corendelle Family was executed and a Republic established.

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The Toltir Rebellion

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