Dwarven Religion


According to the Dwarves, the world was created by two brothers, Iðnir and Ivaldir. Iðnir forged and shaped the world for he was more practically minded, while Ivaldir attended to the smaller details, as he had a finer eye for aesthetics. When their work was finished, they stepped back to admire their work. It was not long before the brothers marveled at how their creation lived and changed on its own. Iðnir was pleased, but Ivaldir quietly fretted that his grand design was slowly but inexorably changing into something not his own.

When they discovered the existence of mortals, a great disagreement arose. Ivaldir was unhappy enough that the world he helped create had changed from his static ideal, but now lesser beings were intentionally creating further deviations. However, Iðnir had come to look upon the living world as a child and saw these mortals as its children in turn. The brothers could not agree on how to deal with them.

Out of their frustration, the Dwarven race was birthed. Those who followed Iðnir sought to aid and support the mortal races with their knowledge and heartiness. Those who followed Ivaldir, however, were given to hoarding and thievery, taking whatever they deemed the mortal races were unworthy to possess (which is pretty much everything).


Iðnir is the god of craft. His Domains are Knowledge and Life.

Ivaldir is the god of art. His Domains are Knowledge and Trickery.

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Dwarven Religion

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