Devlin Cook




Devlin comes from a long line of Cooks. His family, as naming conventions might suggest, are cooks. Devlin’s father is a cook, as was his father before him, and so on. And while not all cooks are Cooks, most Cooks have followed the family tradition. But not Devlin. Devlin was born a healthy, robust, and spirited child. He did learn how to cook (what Cook didn’t?) from his parents and older siblings, but Devlin never perfected the art. He was restless; bored with chopping garlic, seasoning meats, trimming fat, and the slow simmer of a carefully prepared gravy, Devlin was drawn more towards athletics and physical activities. What he lacked in patience and culinary know-how, he made up for with strength and took more joy in hauling sacks of flour, carrying barrels of salt cod, and helping to hang full racks of ribs in the smokehouse behind his family’s small inn.

When he was 17, Devlin would have been expected to leave home and seek out employment as a cook elsewhere – either at an inn or tavern, or even in the service of some landed knight, as several generations of Cooks had before him. Devlin, however, found another calling and instead joined the rebellion. And while the smallfolk militia was not very well trained or organized, Devlin’s detatchment ate better than the rest.

And so it was that Devlin was stationed with his detatchment in the baggage train during the Battle of The Bloody Field. The Galoran army, informed of the baggage train’s location by a traitor place inside the camp, intended to send a flanking force around the rear of the rebel army, hitting the baggage train and cutting off the escape route of the bulk of the rebel forces. During the fight, Devlin came face to face with the champion leading the Galoran flankers. The champion hacked apart Devlin’s shield and batted his sword aside. Devlin was knocked to the ground and he scrambed for whatever he could find to fend off the champion’s killing blow. What he found was a heavy iron cooking pot lid and a skewer of meat from a nearby campfire. Fending off the coup de grace with the lid, Devlin spitted the champion with the skewer. Seeing their champion felled in such an ignominious manner, the Galoran force was shaken and the rebels rallied behind Devlin, quickly routing the flanking units. Their baggage train in shambles, Devlin led the remaining defenders in a counter-stroke against the main Galoran army that had engaged the rest of the rebel forces – a move that proved to be a decisive factor in the rebel victory that day.

Devlin Cook

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